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JELD EXPO, an international exhibition dedicated to leather industry from animal husbandry to consumer


JELD EXPO aims to bring together all the professionals and operators in the leather industry in one place (such as hide collectors, tanners, importers, exporters, processors, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, service providers, institutional, etc.) to enable them to build new trade relations, to gain a better understanding of the Algerian leather industry and its level of development, to foster trade and partnership relations, to assess the Algerian leather export potential, to stimulate investment in the various stages of the leather industry, to create an opportunity for meetings with consumers and to measure the adaptation of leather products to their tastes. In fact, it will be a matter of making the sector known and identifying ways and means of developing it.

JELD EXPO is part of the action plan of the Ministry of Industry, in accordance with the recommendations of the National Conference on Industrial Recovery, organized under the patronage of the President of the Republic, particularly with regard to the need to organize the various industrial sectors in Algeria.

In fact, the Algerian leather market holds important sources of growth: a population of more than 43 million consumers, nearly 70% of whom are under 30 years old, a sheep and cattle herd estimated at several millions of livestock head, a potential of 35productive tanneries, nearly a hundred processing units and leather factories, a multitude of small workshops of leather crafts, a proven know-how of leather work in several regions in Algeria (Médéa, Tlemcen, Ghardaia, Jijel, etc.), a quality of Algerian leather that is world-renowned, etc.

According to the information provided by the ONS (National Office of Algerian Statistics), the leather industrial park is generally used at more than 75% of its capacity and the need to extend or renew equipment is strongly felt by manufacturers.

In terms of external trade, exports of leather products amounted in 2022 to USD 7.79 million compared to USD 5.34 million in 2021, an increase of 46%.


Who are the Exhibitors?

Industrialists, traders, service providers and institutions whose activities have a direct or indirect relationship with leather and more particularly concerning the following products and services may be exhibited at JELD EXPO:

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A rich and varied animation program is planned during the course of the exhibition:


Craft Workshops

JELDEXPOwhere craftswomen & craftsmen will be lively working on amazing leather items.JELDEXPO
JELDEXPO 4 major conferences will be on the program:
- Situation and foresights for the development of the leather sector in Algeria;
- leather exports: constraints and forecasts;
- Leather industry and environmental protection;
The detailed program, topics and speakers will be published at a later date. JELDEXPO



B2B Meetings:

JELDEXPO Would you like to meet exhibitors at the show and have personalized business meetings with them?
Register on the dedicated platform CLICK HERE JELDEXPO
JELDEXPO A leather fashion show will be held on the 2 last days of the show , where the latest leather clothing creations will be presented. JELDEXPO

Fashion show


Unfolding date

from November 28 to December 02, 2023
¤ Open to professionals and the general public.

Hours of operation

from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Pavilion G, SAFEX Exhibition Center
Pins Maritimes, Mohammadia, Alger  

Floor plan

to find an exhibitor's stand, consult the floor plan BY CLICKING HERE


Access via the ARDIS /HILTON roundabout

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Entry visa to Algeria

Obtain a visa from diplomatic and consular posts (visa form).


a diversified entertainment program is planned on the sidelines of the exhibition. Consult the PROGRAM

General Public Sales

are authorized every day of the exhibition

Organizer: World Trade Center Algiers
13 Rue Mohamed SEMANI Po. Box 539 Hydra, Algiers

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