Founded in 2002 after our group bought the licence in 1998 from the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) located in New York USA, the World Trade Center Algiers become a one stop shop for the local as well as the foreign companies based in a prestigious area in Algiers.
As part of the network of 322 World Trade Centers in over 90 countries, we are able to support all kind of the needs of :
-the local companies which are interested to develop their business outside Algeria (import, export, investment or partnership);
-the foreign companies which are interested by the algerian market (export, import, invest or setting up a local company)
Taking into consideration the evolution of the economic environment and future development of Algeria with regards to outside markets, the WTCAlgiers has developed three main activities: Real Estate , Events, Consultancy.

The main vision of the WTCA is to strengthen its trade market through all means giving an image of quality and availability to respond to the main demands of the companies based in Algeria and those which are interested by the Algerian market to develop their business.
Therefore, the WTCA seeks to develop or reinforce the following activities : renting offices; facility management by providing the WTCA concept; all-kind of assistance: accountancy, recruitment, translation, setting up new companies, fiscal and legal support, market studies etc….; exhibitions; training; seminars and conference and developing a membership network throughout its two clubs: Export Club and Digital Club.
WTCA is targeting to offer a new kind of consultancy by ensuring a complete project management: business plan, seeking shareholders, due diligence, obtaining incentives from the government agency...

The business environment in Algeria justifies the existence of the WTC Algiers as there is a need of its services year after year.

Nevertheless, the WTCA is the only company that provides offices and services at once. The WTCA shall highlight this “differentiator” to develop and support its activity. The availability of the WTCA’s international network also provides the unique service that only the WTCA can provide.

Considering the already mentioned elements, the ambition of the WTCA is to strengthen it present situation to be the only means ( one stop shop) for foreign companies in Algeria as well as the local companies which wish to set up or develop their business and in the meantime provide the Algerian companies with support in local and foreign markets in the field of out hydrocarbons exportation, with the support of the international network of the WTCAs ( WTC OnLine).

In order to achieve all these objectives the WTCA needs to have values. Our value system which is developed by our group Nest located in Cyprus is our ethical framework, which describes the things we deeply believe in and guides all our behaviours and activities.

It will help us in our decision making processes, in selecting the type of business activities we will engage in, the market places we trade within, and the kind of people we are prepared to work with: openness, justice, compliance, team spirit, change, accountability and our people.

The WTCAlgiers is Silver Certified. since September, 24th 2012.