Signature Training & Business Solutions

World Trade Center Cyprus is the leading provider of training and business solutions to service-oriented organizations. Our focus is on making a direct impact on your revenues, while raising the standard of service quality. The target is to strength your team's skills in managing customer interactions. We partner up with your organization and provide custom-made solutions through training, monitoring and constant support.


You can't control your competition, the buying habits of your customers, or the economy. But the one thing you can control is the consistent delivery of exceptional service. When your employees regularly create legendary experiences, you turn prospects into buyers and customers into lifelong fans.

Since 1986, Signature has helped thousands of clients turn high-level vision and strategy into everyday practice by quickly and permanently changing the behaviour of people. Our proven training programs improve employee performance, increase sales and dramatically elevate customer satisfaction.

World Trade Center Algiers is a Licensed Signature Provider for the following regions:

Algeria  Cyprus   Iraq 
Jordan   Kuwait   Lebanon 
Libya   Morocco   Oman 
Palestine   Qatar   Saudi Arabia 
Tunisia   Egypt  United Arab Emirates